The Amazing Wildlife of Central Illinois

The swan is our latest new resident on the lake. She travels alone but hangs out with the geese all day. In the evening, the geese head home in one direction, the swan in another. You can tell this is a female by the very small knob on her beak just between her eyes. The knob on a male swan is much larger.
Great Blue Heron … I was calling him Ichabod because I thought he was a crane.
Cooper Hawk – a dignified, regal looking creature. The design of his feathers look very much like a king’s robe.
Deer in snow wearing its winter coat.
Harry the Caterpillar will be a Sycamore Tussock Moth one day.
Young male cardinal has a lot to say.
22 turtles on a log … It’s amazing how one small branch in a lake can provide so much for the wildlife around, a perch for hunting, dining, resting and sunning. Along with the turtles, there have been herons, geese and eagles perched on this bed and breakfast branch.
Raccoons visit at night.
Blue Bunting … filmed through the kitchen window.

… to be continued … thanks for visiting …

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